Miyerkules, Mayo 18, 2011

Curiosity of A Child

Curiosity of A Child

Reya Bato

I thank God every time I rise
and get to open my eyes --
A day to discover new surprise
and chance to answer all my whys.

As I watch the bees and butterflies
suck nectar in the flowerbed nearby,
I spread my arms and try to fly.
Why can’t I reach the sky?

As I climb the tree
to look for a nest of little birdies,
I wish I can swing like monkeys
but with tail I will look so silly.

When night comes, I leap home like frog
or roll with my dog like log
then I crawl to my bed like a slug
it’s time to rest with the bed bugs

While lulling myself to sleep
I look at my window to have my last peep
I try to count all the dancing fireflies
then I kiss the moon goodnight.

© 18-May-2011