Sabado, Pebrero 25, 2012

Another History

I got a chance to read again.

Holy cow! I just realize while typing this that it’s been almost four months that I haven’t read nor write anything sensible.

(*think* *think* *think* *focus*)

Returning to what I was trying to say...

I got a chance to read again: Murakami, “Norwegian Wood”. It is an account-type of narration by the protagonist, very usual way of narrating but Murakami has this style of putting bizarre things into something reasonable that the reader will not find them odd. I don’t have any intention of analyzing his novel here. I just have this sudden urge to write something (…and dream that someday it will be my own masterpiece). Haha!

The protagonist, Watanabe, wrote his story so he would keep his promise to Naoko that he will not forget her. He was 35 years old when he wrote the story which happened 20 years ago. He wrote things from his memory when what happened were starting to fade.

So I decided to write until things are still fresh and vivid. I want to write those now that I can still feel the emotions clinging to it. I think it is a waste to write when the emotions become just a hollow sound inside you.

(*type* *type* *type* *backspace*)

But the problem is when your experiences are fresh – when everything is too sharp and clear – you can never even produce a line to start your story. So it is better to keep it that way. Let the things become memories. Let the feelings die away. Let your story becomes history. Then you can write.